Benjamin Parker

Ben is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology. Ben did his PhD at Emory University and postdocs at the University of Oxford and University of Rochester before moving to UTK in 2019.


Holly Nichols - Lab Tech

Holly graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Biology in 2019, where she worked on cholera, crabs, cave microbes, and Candidemia.


Elizabeth Ransone - Graduate Rotation Student

Elizabeth is a Masters student in the UTK Microbiology Department. She graduated from William & Mary with a BS in Biology and Geography in 2018 and spent the last year working on bacterial secondary metabolite chemistry in Germany.


Brandon Gillenwaters - Undergrad Researcher

Brandon is a double major in history and philosophy, with a biology minor, at UTK.


Justin Pritchett - Undergrad Researcher

Justin is a junior studying Microbiology at UTK. He is from Athens, TN and is working to pursue a career in medicine.

Join the lab! 

I'm accepting graduate students through UTK's Microbiology Graduate Program. Contact me via email using the link to the left with any interest or questions!

If you’re an undergraduate interested in joining the lab, send me an email. Please include a short description of your interest in pursuing research and a resume.